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» , » Review: Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Wii U Edition

James 5:15 pm

Tekken and Street Fighter are forever competing to bring out the best console and arcade games in the 2D fighting genre. Namco have made the first move on the latest console to hit the market with their latest title Tekken Tag Tournament 2, this time ported to the Wii U. Will this game live up to the expectation and hype? Or be just another, plain old fighting game?

When you first start up the game you see a cut scene and seeing the beautiful and ultra-realistic facial expressions and movement of characters, with realistic sweat and everything. Routinely you would have high hopes for the graphics, but as you start you first fight against a character from TTT2's seamlessly never ending character roster (59-60, can't remember off the top of my head) you feel slightly disappointed and deceived. The graphics are average. And for more effort to be put into the opening cut scene rather than to graphically enhance the game is just stupid. And it is like that for all cut scenes throughout.

I thoroughly enjoyed the games soundtrack as soon as the start menu boots up, you are greeted by some electronic music with a variety of songs to choose from. This theme continues throughout the game.

The game is like all 2D fighting games, but this one has something a bit different that sets it apart from the rest. That is the customizable characters. You can tweak everything about your desired character to your absolute hearts content. The only bad thing is you're not able to make your own fighter. But seriously the moves, appearance and clothes your character wears are all changeable.

Another disappointment with the game is the Fight Lab mode. When I saw this game mode, let's be frank - I was excited. "Finally! A 2D fight game with a story mode!" I thought. Then I see the first effortless cut scene (if you can even call it that) then you soon realize it isn't that. It is just a boring distraction to keep you playing for longer.

The online is definitely the standout of the game, trying to level up your characters and winning cash to buy stuff to customize characters. It rarely lags. That said, there are the Alisa head-kicking spammers that annoy the living hell out of the online community (and, of course, me).

The combos are easier than ever to pull off, with you being able to access four straight from the game pad (which you are able to assign via the customization section), the only complaint is I wish there was a preview to show what the moves do because it's really just trial and error.

This is a fighting game with a few rough edges, but more pros then cons. In saying that, fans of the genre will love it, but people just starting to get into fighting games might not enjoy it as much.

Score: TRY

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