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» , , , , » Need for Speed to become an annual franchise?

James Sofy 4:40 pm

It has been reported that money hungry gaming giant, EA strikes again to eat from the buffet that we gamers like to call annual games. EA were exceedingly impressed by there revenue from the Most Wanted remake and being the highest selling racing game of the year, want to make money like that. So how else than to put next to know effort in to their future games by mass producing them?

Many great and valiant and great gaming franchises have fallen for the same trap. And I really don't want to see this happen to my favorite racing franchise. I remember the first time I picked up Need For Speed: Carbon then moving to greater heights evading the cops with my beloved Toyota: Supra in NFS: Most Wanted. Each game was filled with an action packed adventure bringing something new to the table. And now...We grieve over the loss of another great franchise.

Many games have fallen victim to this mass production like Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Mario and now, probably because they roll in the cash, everyone's favorite little critters Pokemon. Games continue to die cause of the next to no effort put into them year after year, after year.

I hope Criterion and EA take a long hard look at themselves, hopefully see this post and try and stop this. I know I'm just one person apart of a website, and it probably won't change their mind but many games have fallen a victim to this and I don't want to see Need For Speed join the party.

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