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James Sofy 12:59 pm

Wii Sports was slighty disappointing as although it innovated it did little else. Nintendo's new pre-packaged game for the Wii U, Nintendo Land pushes the same couch co-op and localized same console multiplayer as Wii Sports. Will it end up the same as its predecessor or show off the Wii U's many unique capabilities.

For those who are unknown to Nintendo Land, its a mini game compilation. Before everyone rolls there eyes and whines, let me just tell you this isn't just any compilation of quick time events and stupid button mashing. Nintendo Land boasts a full 12 fully thawed out attractions. Well, at least eleven *cough* Octopus Dance *cough*.

Nintendo Land shows just what the Wii U is capable of with a nice cartoon art style. The two mini games that look extremely impressive are Yoshi's Fruit Cart and Takamaru's Ninja Castle. The game has many classic songs throughout the Nintendo's successful era, including some great 8-bit blasts from the past.

Obviously you aren't going to have as much fun if you're on your own but the solo attractions still prove to be fun. Being a Nintendo mini-game compilation, couch multiplayer is a focus and with the addition of the game-pad, Nintendo Land can support 5 players which is a first for any game of its type. I did have a blast playing this with family and friends and you can integrate it with MiiVerse to see what other people think of each mini game, and plus it is cool to see Mii's worldwide go through your amusement park chatting and conversing with each other.

Before I forget let me go through all the attractions:

Team attractions

The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest: Based on the Legend of Zelda series (obviously) has your Mii dress up as link, various colors depending on your player number. The game pits you against numerous enemies in the franchise. The person using the gamepad uses the bow and arrow while the players with Wiimotes use Links sword.

Metroid Blast: This has your Mii controlling Samuses gunship while up the other players with Wii Remotes or Nunchuks control their Mii characters on foot, wearing Various Suits. The compilation of modes consist of, "Assault Mission", "Surface-Air Combat", and "Ground Battle". In "Assault Mission", players play Co-Op style defeating onslaughts of enemies while completing missions. In "Surface-Air Combat", players are pitted against the player who uses the gamepad and have to try to shoot he/she down. In "Ground Battle" all players use either Wiimotes and Nunchuks in a battle for oh so precious, tokens. 

Pikmin Adventure:
One player controls Olimar he commands his fleet of cute little Pikmin using the GamePad, whilst up to four others play as Pikmin as various colurs they can also control Pikmin. There is also a Versus Mode in which the players with the Wiimotes compete with Olimar for candy.

Competitive attractions

Mario Chase: Mario is pitted against four ferocious toad foes and Yoshi karts (optional). He avoids them as the toads try to hunt him down in various parts of the mushroom kingdom.
Luigi's Ghost Mansion: The player with the gamepad acts as a ghost while the others try to shine their torch on the ghost and reduce its health to zero.
Animal Crossing: Sweet Day: The four players with the wiimotes are animals trying to collect candy  before they get caught by the guards, who is controlled by another player using the GamePad. As players collect more candies, they get increasingly obese so in turn movement becomes slower.

Solo attractions

Takamaru's Ninja Castle: You throw multiple Ninja stars at wooden ninja's that pop up at numerous times while they occasionally throw projectiles at you.

Donkey Kong's Crash Course: You have to tilt your gamepad as you control a triangular object with your assigned Mii's face on it. This is by far the most complex of the attractions.

Captain Falcon's Twister Race: As the title implies you travel through a time trialed opbstacle course riding captain falcons car.
Balloon Trip Breeze: You control your Mii as you fly in the sky. You do this by swiping the gamepad. Your aim is to pop all the balloons in any given stage.

Yoshi's Fruit Cart: The most difficult of the attractions has you controlling well, a Yoshi. as you try to collect all the fruit. However you can only see the fruit on your television and control Yoshi by drawing a path via gamepad.

Octopus Dance: I guess you could call this a rhythm game? Calm down, I'm joking. Octopus Dance is a game and watch based rhythm game where you have to use the GamePad's analogue Sticks and tilt the device around. You memorize and mimic 8-bit the diver on screen.

After completing the attractions over and over Nintendo Land does little to keep you occupied. The only thing really is by decking out your theme park with different prizes that you can earn in Monita's coin drop. Where you drop the hard earned coins you have received in playing the mini games and toss them away hoping to hit one of the targets. The physics aren't that great so I just go for the spam attempt...

If you are wondering who Monita is she is the slightly disturbing AI robot that gives all you all of the tutorials. She also acts as an AI in games like Luigi's ghost mansion if you're short a few players.

Nintendo Land offers a wide range of great mini games, but does little else to immerse you. Still, you probably should pick this one up, except if you have the Deluxe bundle of course.

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